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Travel Services

Bags – packed! Camera – charged! Money – hmm...

Not to worry, PARAMA has you covered! You can purchase US dollars and Euros at PARAMA any time with no additional service charges. Larger cash orders can be placed in advance and will be ready for pick up after five business days. Just call one of our Member Service Representatives to make arrangements.

If you don’t already have a PARAMA MEMBER CARD® debit card, consider getting one before you travel. Traveling to the US is easier now that you can make direct debit/POS purchases through merchants associated with the Accel POS Network, and withdraw money free of fees at most ATMs displaying the Accel logo. Your US cash withdrawal will be converted into Canadian dollars when it is withdrawn from your account, reducing the need to carry around excess cash.

Traveling overseas? No problem! With the MEMBER CARD® debit card you can withdraw money in the local currency anywhere in the world at a CIRRUS Network ATM. Keep in mind, some fees may apply. For ATM locations worldwide please refer to the ATM locators:





Canadian and U.S. ATM Locator

ACCEL POS® Network

U.S. Merchants


International ATM Locator

Ding Free®

Ding Free® ATM Locator app


While you’re away, don’t worry about having to guess your account balance or return home to a stack of bills. PARAMA’s online banking service makes it easy for you to stay connected to your finances from anywhere at any time! Keep track of your account balance, make the appropriate transfers, pay upcoming bills or even schedule a future bill payment. You can use the traditional online banking website, or you can utilize our new PARAMA App for Apple® or Android® devices! You can download it for free in your App or Play store today!