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Board of Directors

Sitting (Left to Right) – Jane Macijauskas, Rita Urbonavicius, Tomas Kuras
Standing (Left to Right) – Audrius Vaidila, Edmund Pamatat, Monika Spudas, Rimas Kruzyk

Want to Join Parama's Board of Directors? If you are forward-thinking, have good financial skills or a legal background, we would like you to apply. For more details, download the Candidate Information Guide.

Name Title
Rita Urbonavicius Chair
Tomas Kuras Vice-Chair
Jane Macijauskas Corporate Secretary
Monika Spudas Director and Audit Committee Chair
Edmundas Pamatat Director and Audit Committee Member
Audrius Vaidila Director and Audit Committee Member
Rimas Kruzyk Director