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Internet/Mobile Banking

Online Banking

Experience all the convenience of Online Banking.


Parama Mobile App

Parama’s free mobile app is now available for iPhone® or Android®.


Deposit Anywhere

Quickly and securely deposit cheques using your Android™ or Apple smart phone or tablet.


E-Mail Alerts

Sign-up to receive e-mail notifications of transactions in your account.


Increased Authentication with Two-Step Verification

Increased Authentication is a security feature that strengthens online and mobile banking security by using 2-Step Verification during high-risk activities. Parama is promoting safety, security, protection, peace of mind, control, awareness, and support with this initiative.

The Risk-Based Authentication improves the member’s login experience and their online banking security, and it makes the Fraud-Reactive, Fraud-Fighter and Fraud-Conqueror models even more effective.  It uses a risk engine to assess user activities and identify high-risk situations where stronger authentication is required. When suspicious interaction is determined, the member will be prompted to enter a one-time password sent through SMS (text) or email.

Read more on our FAQ page.