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International Transfers

International Transfers

Send and receive funds worldwide from the convenience of your online banking. This includes to and from Lithuania. Benefit from real time exchange rates, quick and easy delivery, and minimal to no sending fees.

Watch the videos, read the step-by-step or Contact Us to get you set-up with online banking today!

How to get started
How to add a recipient

How to get started, step-by-step:

  1. Log in to online banking or the Parama mobile app.
  2. For online: on the left-hand menu, navigate to Transfers > International Transfers.
    For the app: select the Transfers icon > International Transfers.
  3. Read the disclaimer and proceed.
  4. You will be re-directed to a new page,
  5. Complete the registration requirements* and add your ID.
  6. Add your recipient(s).
  7. You are ready to start sending International Transfers!

*Please ensure to select the correct value range for any anticipated transactions considering future needs as well. Future transfers will only be accepted if they meet the initially selected transaction value range. If you need to make a change to your selection, please contact Agility at 1-604-256-6200.


Which browsers are supported?

Only certain browsers are supported by Agility: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari (current version only & intended to be used only on Apple devices).

What are the maximum/minimum international transfer amounts?

You can transfer between $10 and $25,000 CAD to most countries. If you need to send more than $25,000, please contact Agility at 1-604-256-6200.

How long does the international transfer take?

Transfers within North America have quick next-day delivery. For international transfers outside of North America, it takes 2 business days.

How do I keep track of my international transfer?

Your transfer will appear in your transaction history in online banking in real-time. You will also receive an email notification when the transfer has left your account and when it arrives at the recipient's account.

What are the exchange rates?

With real time pricing, you will get Parama's true exchange rate every time! The rate refreshes every 10 seconds.

How much will the recipient receive?

With our guaranteed transfer amount, what is sent is what is received - there are no deductions.

Which Parama accounts can I send international transfers from?

International transfers can only be sent from your CAD chequing accounts.

How safe/secure is my international transfer?

Your international transfer is protected with AES 256-bit encryption, automated identity verification, anti-money laundering procedures, automated online checks, advanced anti-fraud safeguards and insurance coverage - all through a FINTRAC regulated entity.

Are there any fees?

If the transfer is less than CAD $500, a $2.50 CAD fee applies. Anything over $500 is free. A few exceptions apply, including transfers in INR, PHP, HUF, CZK, DKK, THB, KRW, AED, BHD, IDR, MYR, ARS, RON.