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Commercial Credit Application

Financing Request
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Schedule 1 - Cash on Hand and Deposits
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Schedule 2 - Shares & Bonds
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Schedule 3 - RRSP
Name and Address of Financial InstitutionType of planAdditional detailsAmount
Schedule 4 - Life Insurance
CompanyPolicy dateFace amountBeneficiaryCash surrender value (CSV)Policy loansNet CSV
Schedule 5 - Real estate (Please provide latest MPAC or appraisal)
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Schedule 6 - Vehicles, Boats, etc.
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Schedule 7 - Other Long Term Assets
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Schedule 8 - Loans, mortgages, credit cards
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Guarantees and Indirect Financial Commitments

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General Information
Please provide details if you answer yes to any of the following questions.
Details of repossessed assets
Bankruptcy details
Claims/lawsuit details
Tax information details

Declaration and Authorization
The undersigned declare(s) that the statements made herein are for the purpose of obtaining financing and are to the best of my/our knowledge true and correct. The applicant(s) consent to Parama Credit Union making any inquiries it deems necessary to reach a decision on any credit application, associated with information in this personal financial statement, and consent(s) to the disclosure at any time of any credit information about me/us to any credit reporting agency or to any one with whom I/we have financial relations.
Authorized Signature
The undersigned certifies that all the information in this form is accurate and complete and consents to Parama Credit Union ("PARAMA") obtaining personal and commercial credit information, or any related information that PARAMA may require at any time in connection with the credit hereby applied for or any renewal or extension thereof and further consents to the disclosure of any information to any credit reporting agency or to others.
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